Church Fathers Believed Scriptures Inerrant

It is claimed that the doctrine of inerrancy is an unhelpful invention of Modernism. But:

Clement of Rome (30–100) described “the Sacred Scriptures” as “the true utterance of the Holy Spirit.” Polycarp (65–155) called them “the oracles of the Lord.” Irenaeus (120–202) claimed that the biblical writers “were incapable of a false statement.” Origen (185–254) stated “the sacred volumes are fully inspired by the Holy Spirit, and there is no passage either in the Law or the Gospel, or the writings of an Apostle, which does not proceed from the inspired source of Divine Truth.” Augustine (354–430) explained in a letter to Jerome, “I have learnt to ascribe to those Books which are of the Canonical rank, and only to them, such reverence and honour, that I firmly believe that no single error due to the author is found in any of them.” It was not modernism which invented inerrancy. It was modernism that undermined inerrancy.

Why We’re Not Emergent, DeYoung & Kluck, 76-77

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