The non-creedal creed of the Emerging Church

Statements of faith are about drawing borders, which means you have to load your weapons and place soldiers at those borders. It becomes an obsession to guard the borders. That is simply not the ministry of Jesus. It wasn’t the ministry of Paul or Peter. It stated to become the ministry of the early Church, and it abated somewhere in the Middle Ages and blew back to life in the time of modernity. For the short duration of time that I have on this planet to do my best to partner with God and build his kingdom, I don’t want to spend it guarding borders. I’d like to spend it inviting people into the kingdom. Statements of faith don’t do this. They’re a modernistic endeavor that I’m not the least bit interested in.

Tony Jones, Relevant magazine

So is the Mormon my brother (in the same sense that Jesus is Lucifer’s brother?!)? Is the Arian and the JW? If there are no boundaries, does the word ‘Christian’ mean anything? And is it worth being, specifically, a Christian at all?

Surely Jones’ use of the word ‘kingdom’ has a definition. And if a word has a definition it has a boundary. Sure there is semantic range, but semantic ranges have edges.

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