Faith is a feeling- Schleiermacher

[T]hose systematizers are less anxious to present the details of religion than to subordinate them one to the other, and to deduce them from a higher. Nothing is of less importance to religion, for it knows nothing of deducing and connecting. There is no single fact in it that can be called original and chief.

Scheiermacher, On Religion

Not according to 1 Cor.15 which is about facts…

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2 Responses to “Faith is a feeling- Schleiermacher”

  1. A Free Spirit Says:

    I like Scheiermacher! A person wrote me to tell me that I was proffering mere opinion…as distinct from the facts of theologians. Interesting, huh? Well, I posted on the matter.

    Nice post!

    • soulangler Says:

      An opinion doesn’t become a fact because a person is a ‘theologian’. Any claim to know anything is highly dubious unless based on God’s revelation in the Scriptures. Unless the all-knowing God has spoken clearly we are ALL in the dark – don’t you think?

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