Just saw this guy today wearing this t-shirt: “eat, drink, sleep, repeat”. I guess that’s ‘eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.’ That’s all human existence is?

Jim Gourlay


2 Responses to “Hedonism”

  1. Brielle Says:

    It reminds me of the zen story:

    One day a Zen Master is walking by the Holy River and he looks across to see another Zen Master on the other side. Quickly he transforms himself to the other side and stands before the other Zen Master and demands, “Now, what is your magic?” The other Zen Master replies, “I eat when I am hungry, and sleep when I am tired.”

    This can also be changed to a North American Zen pun, “I eat when I am tired, and sleep when I am hungry.”

    I think the t-shirt is meant to be defeatist, sarcastic – a postmod antithesis to Zen, and of course, meant to mimic the worn out joke borrowed from the instructions on a shampoo bottle.

    To me, everyday human existence is an everyday challenge to simply be different; different than I was yesterday. So far, I’ve succeeded.

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