Morality is derived from a worldview

They have got rid of the Christian God, and now feel obliged to cling all the more firmly to Christian morality…In England, in response to every little emancipation from theology, one has to reassert one’s position in a fear-inspiring manner as a moral fanatic.” [e.g., utilitarians, socialists, utopists, etc.] “That is the penance one pays there.”

“With us [Immoralists] it is different. When one gives up Christian belief one thereby deprives oneself of the RIGHT to Christian morality. For the latter is absolutely NOT self-evident…”

“Christianity is a system, a consistently thought out and COMPLETE view of things. If one breaks out of it a fundamental idea, the belief in God, one thereby breaks the whole thing to pieces…”

“Christianity presupposes that man does not know, CANNOT know what is good for him and what evil; he believes in God, who alone knows. Christian morality is a command: its origin is transcendental; it is beyond all criticism, all right to criticize; it possesses truth only if God is truth – it stands or falls with the belief in God.”

“If the English really do believe they know, of their own accord, ‘intuitively’, what is good and evil; if they consequently think they no longer have need of Christianity as a guarantee of morality — That is merely the CONSEQUENCE of the ascendancy of Christian evaluation and an expression of the STRENGTH and DEPTH of this ascendancy…So that the origin of English morality has been forgotten, so that the highly conditional nature of its right to exist is no longer felt. For the Englishman, morality is not YET a problem…”

Nietzsche, in Twilight of the Idols, (on atheists such as George Elliot), Penguin 1968, pp.69-70

But for Englishmen and women it would be a problem when Nietzsche’s social darwinism took hold of Germany in the 1930s.


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