Evolution is antithetical to the God of the Bible

The diversity of life on earth is the outcome of evolution: an unsupervised, impersonal, unpredictable and natural process of temporal descent with genetic modification that is affected by natural selection, chance, historical contingencies and changing environments.

1995 statement of American National Association of Biology Teachers, in Testing Darwinism, Philip E. Johnson, IVP, 1997, p.15

Johnson continues:

Then they say that the teaching of evolution/science (they equate the two, because evolution is a fact not a philosophy) is a separate domain from religion (which you’re free to hold if you like). But to say the above statement, ‘unsupervised, impersonal’,  has nothing to do with religion is to impose a view of God (Deism) that theists cannot accept. If God is not involved, supervising etc., then he hardly deserves our worship or even attention.



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