The Evil in Ghandi

I do not know what evil there is in me. I have a strain of cruelty in me, as others say, such that people force themselves to do things, even to attempt impossible things, in order to please me. Lacking the necessary strength, they put on a false show and deceive me. Even Gokhale used to tell me that I was so harsh that people felt terrified of me and allowed themselves to be dragged against their will out of sheer fear or in the attempt to please me…I put [he said] far too heavy a burden on people. He, too, [he added] strained himself to do things beyond his capacity when he was asked by me.

Ghandi, in a letter from Gujarati, April 22nd, 1914, quoted in Rediscovering Ghandi, Yogesh Chadha, Arrow, 1997, pp.190-191

Richard Attenborough left this bit out of his film as I recall.


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