In the movie Castaway, Tom Hanks plays a guy named Chuck who is marooned on an island for four years after a plane crash. He has a dull routine every day, and finally he gives way to despair. He starts to commit suicide. But at the last minute that is thwarted.

The next day, after almost committing suicide, the tide brings in a piece of metal that he determines can be used as a sail for a raft to get him off the island. When that is completed he sails off, and 500 miles away he is rescued by a ship.

He had been on the island four years.

He gets back home and sees his fiancé. She has kept him alive in memory and, understandably, has married someone else. He is devastated!

But then he says at the end of the movie, “I know what I’ve got to do. I’ve got to keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will come up …and you never know what the tide might bring in.” And just about that time a pretty girl comes by. Source

Hope springs eternal in the human breast

Alexander Pope

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