God’s Omniscience

Now, if the infinity of numbers cannot be beyond the limits of the knowledge of God which comprehends it, who are we little men that we should presume to put limits to His knowledge?…The fact is that God, whose knowledge is simple in its multiplicity and one in its diversity, comprehends all incomprehensible things with an incomprehensible comprehension.

Augustine, City of God, XII, 19

Whatever can be produced or thought or said by a creature and also whatever God himself can produce, all is known by God, even if it is not actually existing. In this sense it can be said that he has knowledge even of non-existing things.

Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Ia. 14.9

Concerning repentance, we ought so to hold that it is no more chargeable against God than is ignorance.

Calvin, Institutes, I, 17, 12



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