Not prepared to condemn child sacrifice

D.Z. Phillips is…not prepared to condemn child sacrifice in some remote tribe, simply because he does not properly appreciate what such a practice might mean to that tribe.

D.A.Carson, Gagging of God, 2002, p.148

This is the consistent result of religious pluralism because God’s moral character cannot be known with any certainty given the great diversity of religious belief in the world. It would be arbitrary to condemn child sacrifice because it may be a ‘local expression’ of the religious impulse behind all religions. This is the consequence of rejecting the revelation of the one true God.

If you doubt this, think of this (typical) statement by a religious pluralist:

The same God is worshipped by all.  The differences of conception and approach are determined by local colouring and social adaptations. All manifestations belong to the Supreme.

Radhakrishnan’s commentary on the Bhagavad Gita

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