A curiously inconsistent vegetarian

(In this interview transcript, John Pilger (JP) interviewed former Tory Defence Minister Alan Clark (AC) regarding UK arms sales to Indonesia used to kill East Timorese)

JP: Did it bother you personally when you were the minister
responsible [and] that British equipment was causing such
suffering, albeit to a set of foreigners?

AC: No, not in the slightest. It never entered my head.

JP: You don’t lose sleep over it?

AC: No.

JP: I ask the question because I read that you were a
vegetarian and you are seriously concerned about the way
animals are killed.

AC: Yeah.

JP: Doesn’t that concern extend to the way humans, albeit
foreigners, are killed?

AC: Curiously not.

Death of a Nation, a film by John Pilger and David Munro for
Central Television, IT, 1994


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