Leopold Socha hid ten Jews from Lvov in the sewers under the city from the Nazis

Leopold Socha hid ten Jews from Lvov in the sewers under the city from the Nazis. When the German army retreated he called down to them and told them they were free.

Some months later, Socha was accidentally killed, run over by a truck in the streets of Lvov. ‘As he lay on the pavement with blood dripping…the Poles crossed themselves and said that it was God’s punishment for hiding Jews.

Martin Gilbert, Holocaust, p.714

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5 Responses to “Leopold Socha hid ten Jews from Lvov in the sewers under the city from the Nazis”

  1. bethan Says:

    i think the ending is pritty harsh he did not deserve to die it shouldnt of been a punnishment because he did a good thing you should be ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF FOR WRITEING THAT he was a good man and helped out good people and you wrote this god would not want people to die you should know people beleive that god forgives people for there sins and he aint done nothing rong so i think that it wasnt a punnishment cause god does not make bad things happen and kill people for doing a good thing. what happend to the jews was a horrible thing and you shouyld not beleveive it was a good thing because allot of people died from what the nazis did and they didnt deserve to die they were good people jusat liveing there lives and just because they were a diffrent culture or a diffrent race doesnt mean they should be killed for it..
    everyone is special in diffrent ways doesnt mean they have to be killed for it.
    if you were a jew in them days or had a learning difficalty or if you were a diffrent religion or diffrent race would you like to be killed for living your life I DONT THINK SO!!!!!! so dont write things like that because it makes you seem like the holocaust was a good thing and if you do thenn……………

  2. soulangler Says:

    Bethan, The writer (Martin Gilbert) is a Jew. He would, of course, disapprove of the reaction of these people who thought God destroyed Socha for hiding Jews from the Nazis. Socha was heroic. The story highlights, in my view, the superstition of those Poles and their idolatrous ‘god’ they have created who is not the true and living God.

    Gilbert is recording history. Historians do not necessarily approve of everything they record.

    By recording the story I am not at all endorsing the reaction of those wicked people who approved of Socha’s death.

  3. sebastian Says:


  4. View of the Arts Says:

    Socha was killed by a Russian Military vehicle as he pushed his daughter out of its path.He died in Poland in Gliwice. How ironic isn’t it? He saved 10 Jews,just to be killed few months later,sad sad story.But also very inspiring.
    I also watched Agnieszka Holland’s new film which I found incredibly heartbreaking!

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