Reliability of the Old Testament

As regards the consonantal text (i.e. of the Hebrew Bible), there has been little change or variation in it since it was fixed in the time of Rabbi Aqiba, early in the second century A.D. This is borne out by the Biblical quotations in the Mishna (c. A.D. 200) and the Gemaras of Palestine (c. A.D. 350) and Babylonia (c. A.D. 500), as also by the character of the text paraphrased or translated in the Aramaic Targums and in the Greek version of Aquila.

FF Bruce, Recent Discoveries in Biblical Manuscripts

About A.D. 200 Jerome translated the Old Testament into Latin directly from Hebrew. His translation, together with references made to the original text of Old Testament passages in some of his other writings, is thus a witness to the character of the Hebrew text 500 years before the Masoretes had concluded their work. Still earlier in the Christian era is the Syriac version of the Old Testament…And from the last three centuries B.C. we have the…Septuagint…

Yet another witness, so far as the Pentateuch is concerned, is the Samaritan Bible…the variations between the Samaritan Pentateuch and the  Masoretic edition of these books are quite insignificant by comparison with the area of agreement.

FF Bruce, The Books and the Parchments, p.119

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