We do not have or know for sure what the Quran said

…we know that the Codex of Ibn Mas’ud omitted Suras I, CXIII and CXIV, and that both the Codices of Ubai and Abu Musa included two short Suras, which are not in our present text, while a considerable body of variant readings from these Codices is to be gathered from the grammatical, lexical, exegetical and masoretic literature of latter generations which still remembered and discussed them. There were once, indeed, a number of special works, under the name of Kitab al-Masahif, which specially discussed this stage of the Old Codices, and it was a fortunate accident which enabled the present writer to discover and publish the text of the sole surviving example of these, the Codex Book of Ibn Abi Dawud

The Textual History of the Qur’an, Arthur Jeffery

NB the codex of Ibn Mas’ud was rejected by Uthman when he burnt variant Quranic manuscripts in favour of that in the possession of Hafsa (from Zaid ibn Thabit).


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