Baptism for believers only because it signifies union with Christ

The wasshynge (washing) wythout the word helpeth not; but thorow (through) the word it
purifyeth and clenseth us, as thou readest Eph 5. How Christ clenseth the
congregation in the founteine of water thorow the word: the word is the
promise which God hath made. Now as a preacher, in preaching the word of
God saveth the hearers that beleve so doeth the wasshinge in that it preacheth
and representeth to us the promise that God hath made unto us in Christe, the
wasshinge preacheth unto us that we are clensed wyth Christe’s bloude
shedynge which was an offering and a satisfaction for the synne (sin) of all that
repent and beleve consentynge and submyttyne themselves unto the wyl (will) of
God. The plungynge (plunging) into the water sygnyfyeth (signifies) that we die and are buried with
Chryst as conserning ye old life of synne which is Adam. And the pulling out
agayn sygnyfyeth that we ryse again with Christe in a new lyfe ful of the holye
gooste (Spirit) which shal teach us, and gyde (guide) us, and work the wyll of God in us; as
thou west Rom. 6.

William Tyndale

Baptism symbolises union with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. Therefore baptism is to be administered to believers only. An infant has not been nor can be united to Christ because they lack faith in Christ.



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