Where relativism tends

Just months before he died, Jimmy Savile boasted that he “hadn’t got a conscience” and joked about being brought before a judge.

In one of his final interviews, given to a tiny Highlands radio station, the disgraced DJ revealed that he lived his life by the credo “What I feel is right is right”.

Savile — accused of sexually abusing girls across Britain — boasted that every day was Christmas for a “professional single fella” like him.


What he felt was right was actually wrong. But whilst many are quick to castigate his actions, his creed is widely held.

He said of the Catholic church:

“I don’t listen to the church. I listen to myself.”


He repeated this creed in his apparent defence of Gary Glitter:

“Whether it (Glitter having idecent images on his computer hard drive) was right or wrong is, of course, it’s up to him as a person”

‘Of course’ it isn’t.


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