If Islam is the true religion, how come it doesn’t work anywhere?

As I learned Dutch, I began to formulate an almost impossibly ambitious goal: I would study political science to find out why this society (Netherlands), although it appeared to me as godless, worked when every society I had lived in, no matter how Muslim it claimed to be, was rotten with corruption, violence, and self-centered guile.

Aayan Hirsi Ali, Nomad, Simon & Schuster, 2010, p.xiv

There is a reason why Somalia, Pakistan and Sudan do not need to police their borders to stop unwanted immigration from the UK and the US. Migration flows in certain directions. People leave failed or dysfunctional states for more successful ones.

Later in her book Aayan admits Holland is not as godless as she might present her. In fact, the best case she gives for integration was from the Christians of the little town of Ede (pp.253-254).





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