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A search for meaning

September 9, 2009

Asked what the painter Edward Hopper’s work was about, his friend said it was a search for meaning.

Radio Four interview, 25/5/4

There is within every soul a thirst for happiness and meaning.

Thomas Aquinas

Personal meaning in God’s world depends on participation in God’s purposes.

playing out the game without reason

September 8, 2009

Also man now realizes that he is an accident, that he is a completely futile being, that he has to play out the game without reason. I think that even when Velasquez was painting, even when Rembrandt was painting, they were still , whatever their attitude to life, slightly conditioned by certain types of religious possibilities (prejudices) which man now, you could say had cancelled out for him. Man now can only attempt to beguile himself for a time, by prolonging his life- by buying a kind of immortality through the doctors. You see, painting has become – all art has become- a game by which man distracts himself.

Francis Bacon, 1971

Yet in the same place he speaks of  ‘a selective process’ and ‘part of the accident one chooses to preserve’. Bu what does choice and selection mean if he is a futile accident? Doesn’t his art deny (his) modern philosophy?