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Atheist Totalitarianism

September 15, 2011

On some estimates, a sixth of the population of the former German Democratic Republic were Mitarbeiter—collaborators with the secret police, the Stasi—and had spied upon and denounced their neighbors, friends, relatives, and even spouses. Once the archives opened and people could read their security dossiers for themselves, they discovered in many cases that those to whom they had relayed their private thoughts had relayed them in turn to the Stasi, in return, practically, for nothing except the informer’s satisfaction of being on the right side of the powerful. Those whom people had thought were their best friends turned out to be the very ones whose denunciation had resulted in their otherwise inexplicable failure to gain promotion in their work, sometimes for decades. Such discoveries were not conducive to a favorable or optimistic view of human nature or the trust upon which a secure social life is built. The GDR, founded on a political theory that made a fetish of human solidarity, turned everyone into an atom in the asocial ether.

Theodore Dalrymple


July 28, 2009

It is easy to dodge a spear in the opne, but hard to guard against an arrow shot from behind

Chinese saying


July 28, 2009

“It was the anniversary of the “ten days that shook the world” — the russian revolution of November 1917 — and Professor Popp commemorated it with an historical ancedote.

‘On the first anniversary of the triumph of Bolshevism,’ he said, ‘the new rulers held a hunting party in the forest outside Moscow. Later, they rested by the fire and Lenin asked, “tell me comrades, what do you consider the greatest pleasure in life?”

“War, said Trotsky”.
“Women, said Zinoviev.”
“Oratory– the power to hold a vast crowd under your spell,” said Kamenev.

‘Stalin, as always was taciturn, but Lenin insisted, “Tell us your choice!”‘

“At last.” Stalin said: “none of you knows what real pleasure is. I will tell you. It is to hate someone, and to pretend for years that you are his best friend, until one day he rests his head trustingly on your breast. And then to plunge a knife into his back. There is no higher pleasure in the world than this!”‘

Richard Wurmbrand, In God’s Underground, W.H.Allen, 1968, p.89