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Superstition of Mediaeval Catholicism

November 6, 2008

The very devils complained of St. Benedict as robber who had stolen souls out of their hands. He who died in cowl would receive preferential treatment in heaven because his habit. Once a Cistercian in a high fever cast off his frock and so died. Arriving at the gate of Paradise he was denied entry by
St. Benedict because of the lack of uniform. He could only walk around the walls and peep in through the windows to see how his brethren fared, until one of them interceded for him, and St. Benedict granted a reprieve to earth for the missing garment.

Here I Stand – A Life of Martin Luther
By Roland Bainton, p.31

(But the Scripture says we must be clothed with the righteousness of Christ by faith in His completed work on the Cross alone to enter heaven. Without this ‘wedding garment’ we will be cast into the outer darkness)