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Life does not come from non-life

September 12, 2009

Simple statistics soon reveal that the possibility of the spontaneous assembly of DNA…as a result of random concatenations of the (primordial) soup molecules is ludicrously…small…the chance of the right one cropping up by blind chance is virtually zero.

Paul Davis (non-Christian) professor of theoretical physics, Newcastle, God and the New Physics, Penguin, 1983, pp68-69

And it would be blind chance (natural selection not in operation in the primordial soup) for the right molecules to come together. Life does not come from non-life.

Fine Tuning

August 6, 2009

We are increasingly coming to a realization that there is a delicate and intricate balance in (the universe’s) structure necessary for the emerence of life. For example, suppose things had been a little different in those crucial first three minutes when the gross nuclear structure of the world got fixed as a quarter helium and three-quarters hydrogen.  If things had gone a little faster, all would have been helium; and without hydrogen, how could water (vital to life) have been able to form?

John Polkinghorne, who was professor of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge University, in The Way the World Is, SPCK, 1982, p.12