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Entropy and the origins of the universe in time

August 5, 2009

One of the least disputable laws of Physical Science states that the universe is steadily running down. We live in a wasting universe. But the fact that the energy of the universe will be more disorganised tomorrow than it is today implies, of course, that the energy of the universe was more highly organised yesterday than it is today. Following the process backward, we find a more and more highly organised universe. This backward tracing of time cannot be continued indefinitely. Organisation cannot, as it were, mount up and up without limit. There is a definite maximum, which must have been in existence a finite time ago. And it is impossible that this state of perfect organisation could have been evolved from some less perfect state. Nor is it possible that the universe could have persisted from eternity in that state of perfect organisation. Thus the accepted laws of nature lead us to a definite beginning of the universe in time.”

J.W.N. Sullivan, Limitations of Science, quoted by H.Enoch, Evolution or Creation pp.10-11

The sun burns out 250 million tons of matter per minute

H.Enoch, Evolution or Creation

The universe is like a clock running down

Professor James Jeans, quoted in H.Enoch, Evolution or Creation