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The Age of Entertainment

August 5, 2009

Malcolm Muggeridge …talks of the time during the Biafran War in Nigeria, when he was covering the story as a journalist.  At one point, he said there were some political prisoners to be executed.  They were lined up, and the executioners were readied with their weapons.  There was a host of media representative watching.  The commanding officer shouted: “Ready! Aim!”  Just then, one cameraman for a news network screamed out: “Stop! My battery is dead.”  The execution was suspended for a few moments while he got his fresh battery pack in place.  The commanding officer was informed, and the command began again: “Ready! Aim! Fire” —Bang! Bang!—And the execution was done.  Muggeridge went on to ask the question, “Some future generation will discuss as to wherein lay the greatest barbarism?  On the part of the executioners? On the part of the viewers?”  “Some wise person,” said he, “might opt for the cameras.”

Ravi Zacharias