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I never saw fear. What is it?

December 7, 2013

I never saw fear. What is it?

The young Horatio Nelson’s words to his grandmother.

The Advantage of Mice over Men

May 29, 2010

But Mousie, thou are no thy-lane,

In proving foresight may be vain:

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley,

An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy!

Still, thou art blest, compar’d wi’ me!

The present only toucheth thee:

But Och! I backward cast my e’e, On prospects drear!

An’ forward, tho’ I canna see, I guess an’ fear!

last two verses from Robert Burns’ To A Mouse

Burns shares this with the mouse – our plans that promise ‘joy’ may be in vain. However, the mouse has an advantage: he does not look forward to an unknown future (the future the poet ‘canna see’) and ‘guess an’ fear’

Life is first boredom, then fear

September 5, 2009

Life is first boredom, then fear.

Philip Larkin


August 19, 2009

Fear comes from guilt, guilt from sin. Fear has to do with punishment (we fear punishment). We experience fear because we feel (and are) guilty – of sin. How should we deal with fear? Remove the sn and this will remove guilt and thus fear.

Jim Gourlay

See Genesis 3.10; Heb.2.15