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Psalm 139:4

September 3, 2014

My first year in college was at a local junior college and of course one of my first classes was Psychology. I was nervous my first day and the tension continued to build as we all sat waiting for the professor to arrive. It was deathly silent and I watched the clock in front of the room a little disappointed that the professor was already 5 minutes late.

Then one brave student spoke up, commenting that because the teacher was only an associate professor we could leave after waiting for only 15 minutes. This sounded good to me. It seemed that this broke the tension and a conversation took off from there. Another student asked it anyone knew anything about the teacher and there were numerous answers. He was a hard grader, another commented that he was strict, one girl said that she heard he gave an overabundance of homework. There were numerous comments after that and most were not very complimentary. There were a lot of jokes at the teacher’s expense.

Finally, the student at the beginning who seemed to know the rules, stood up and said, “Well, it has been 15 minutes but I’m not going to leave. In fact, I think I will stay and begin today’s class.”


Psalm 139:4; Hebrews 4:13

Real Exam Howler

November 11, 2010

Physics Exam Question: How does the moon remain in a virtually circular orbit around the earth?

Student Answer: God only knows.

F in Exams, Richard Benson

God’s Omniscience

September 12, 2009

Now, if the infinity of numbers cannot be beyond the limits of the knowledge of God which comprehends it, who are we little men that we should presume to put limits to His knowledge?…The fact is that God, whose knowledge is simple in its multiplicity and one in its diversity, comprehends all incomprehensible things with an incomprehensible comprehension.

Augustine, City of God, XII, 19

Whatever can be produced or thought or said by a creature and also whatever God himself can produce, all is known by God, even if it is not actually existing. In this sense it can be said that he has knowledge even of non-existing things.

Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Ia. 14.9

Concerning repentance, we ought so to hold that it is no more chargeable against God than is ignorance.

Calvin, Institutes, I, 17, 12

God’s knowledge and ours

August 24, 2009

His knowledge of Himself is…entirely analytical…(it is) gained not by reference to something that exists without the knower. God knows himself not by comparing and contrasting himself with anything, not even non-being, outside Himself. he knows Himself by one simple eternal act of vision. In God, therefore, the real is the rational and the rational is the real.

Cornelius Van Til, Defense of the Faith, P & R, 1967, p.37

Human knowledge, by contrast, is analogical not analytical. It is gained by reference to, by comparing and contrasting with, things outside of us.