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One written word is worth a thousand pieces of gold

November 17, 2009

In A Thousand Pieces of Gold the author retells a little her grandfather’s story. “…when he was a boy growing up in Shanghai he saw… large red boxes placed at major street corners. Each had… four gilded characters written on it…’jing xi zi zhi,’ or ‘respect and cherish words.’”4 Men with bamboo poles would collect all of the trash on the ground with written words on it at a great expenditure of energy for the Confucian paper burning ritual at the temple. Candidates who had passed the imperial examinations could attend this ritual to give worship to Heaven until all the paper had turned to ashes. There were boxes on the way out for donations; each was labeled with the famous proverb, “yi zi qian jing,” or “one written word is worth a thousand pieces of gold.”

cf. Adeline Yen Mah, Watching the Tree, p.58

Power of God’s Word

November 23, 2008

An ungodly Welsh clergyman, shopping at a fair in the eighteenth century, bought an article which happened to be wrapped in a page torn from an old Puritan folio. The reading of that one page led to his sound conversion. As Luther said, `Satan hates the use of pens,’ and never were pens more powerfully wielded in the cause of God than by the Puritan divines of the seventeenth century.