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Too late

November 9, 2009

Air France’s Concorde crashed shortly after take-off from Paris’ CDG airport in July 2000.

As the investigators sought to discover the reason for the accident, they scoured the tapes of the pilot’s conversations with the control tower. His last words, as he fought to save his stricken aircraft were, ‘Too late.'”

Many will say with regret when they meet King Jesus on Judgement Day, ‘Too late’. Too late to repent; too late to receive the free gift of salvation; too late to believe; too late to do anything to avert destruction.

Works Righteousness

July 31, 2009

Captain John Miller’s (Tom Hanks) last words to private James Ryan (Matt Damon) were, ‘Earn this. Earn it.’ In other words, repay the sacrifice of all those who died so you might live.

But he didn’t and couldn’t earn it. All he could do was live a life in gratitude to them. His good deeds could not bring them back to life and give them the grandchildren they never got to see as he did.

Saving Private Ryan