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Paganism – ancient and current

August 9, 2014

Speaking of Rome in the 1st century:


Marriage had fallen into deeper and deeper contempt. The freedom of single life was preferred by both sexes. Seneca went so far as to affirm that marriage was only contracted in order that adultery might afford additional charm, and declared that whoever had no love affairs was to be despised. Unnatural vices prevailed . . . In such a state of society, even if marriages were celebrated, the children were few in number. They were not welcomed when they appeared. As there was no sense of the sacredness of human life infanticide was commonly practiced. The destruction of unborn children was even more practised than infanticide, and not only did moral disintegration ensue in the destruction of family life, but the very foundations of the state were undermined in the decrease of the native population.

David R. Breed, quoted in the Undercover Revolution by Iain Murray, Banner of Truth Publishers pp.73-74

Remind you of anywhere?