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A tree that is planted in a rain forest is never forced to extend its roots downward in search of water. Consequently, it remains poorly anchored and can be toppled by even a moderate wind

November 11, 2009

A tree that is planted in a rain forest is never forced to extend its roots downward in search of water. Consequently, it remains poorly anchored and can be toppled by even a moderate wind. By contrast, a mesquite tree that’s planted in a dry desert is threatened by its hostile environment. It can survive only by sending its roots down 30 feet or more into the earth, seeking cool water. But through this adaptation to an arid land, the well-rooted tree becomes strong and steady against all assailants.

Dr James Dobson, Raising Children, Kingsway 1987, p.209

Recall the most worthless, unnecessary expenditure you have made

September 19, 2009

Let me ask you to recall the most worthless, unnecessary expenditure you have made in the last year. Perhaps it was an electric can opener which now sits in the garage, or a suit of clothes which will never be worn. Do you realize that this item was not purchased with your money; it was bought with your time which you traded for money. In effect, you swapped a certain proportion of your alloteted days on earth for that piece of junk which now clutters your home. Furthermore, no power on earth could retrieve the time which you squandered on its purchase. It is gone forever. We are investing our lives in worthless materialism, both in the original expenditures and on subsequent upkeep and maintenance.

James Dobson

Civilization needs personal restraint

September 14, 2009

Mankind has known intuitively for at least 50 centuries that indiscriminate sexual activity represents both an individual and a corporate threat to survival. And history bears it out. Anthropologist J.D. Unwin conducted an exhaustive study of the 88 civilizations which have existed in the history of the world. Each culture has reflected a similar life cycle, beginning with a strict code of sexual conduct and ending with the demand for complete ‘freedom’ to express individual passion. Unwin reports that every society which extended sexual permissiveness to its people was soon to perish. There have been no exceptions.

James Dobson

We lust for the very thing which is beyond our grasp

August 29, 2009

We value that which we are fortunate to get; we discredit that with which we are stuck! We lust for the very thing which is beyond our grasp; we disdain that same item when it becomes a permanent possession. No toy is ever as much fun to play with as it appeared to a wide-eyed child in a store. Seldom does an expensive automobile provide the satisfaction anticipated by the man who dreamed of its ownership.

James Dobson, Man to Man about Women, p.75

Freedom and Boundaries

July 30, 2009

My daughter has a pet hamster (named Hammy) who has a passion for freedom. He spends a portion of every night gnawing on the metal bars of his cage & forcing his head through the trap door. Recently I sat watching Hammy busily trying to escape. But I was not the only one observing the furry little creature. Sitting in the shadows a few feet away was old Sigmund, our dachshund. His erect ears, squinted eyes, & panting tongue betrayed his sinister thoughts. Siggie was thinking, “Come on, baby, break through to freedom! Bite those bars, Hambone, & I’ll give you a thrill like you’ve never experienced!”

How interesting, I thought, that the hamster’s greatest desire would bring him instant & violent death if he should be so unfortunate to achieve it. Hammy simply lacked the perspective to realise the folly of his wishes. The application to human experience was too striking to be missed & I shook my head silently as the animal drama spoke to me. There are occasions when the longings & desires of our children would be harmful or disastrous if granted. They would choose midnight bedtime hours & no schoolwork & endless cartoons on television & chocolate sundaes by the dozen. And in later years, they might not see the harm of drug abuse & a life of uninterrupted fun & games. Like Hammy, they lack the “perspective” to observe the dangers which lurk in the shadows. Alas, many young people are “devoured” before they even know that they have made a fatal mistake!

Then my thoughts meandered a bit farther to my own relationship with God & the requests I submit to Him in personal prayer. I wondered how many times I had asked Him to open the door of my “cage”, not appreciating the security it was providing. I resolved to accept His negative answers with greater submission in the future.

Dr James Dobson