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The Light of Life

September 6, 2009

A pilot of a single-engine airplane flew toward a small country airport. He arrived as the sun had dropped behind a mountain at the close of the day, and by the time he had manoeuvred his plane into position to land, he could not see the hazy field below. He had no lights on his plane and there was no-one on duty at the airport. He circled the runway for another attempt to land, but the darkness had then become even more impenetrable. For two hours he flew his plane around and around in the blackness of night, knowing that he faced certain death when his fuel was expended. Then as greater panic gripped him, a miracle occurred. Someone on the ground heard the continuing drone of his engine and realized his predicament. That merciful man drove his car back and forth on the runway to show my friend the location of the airstrip, and then let his lights cast their beam from the far end while the plane landed.

James Dobson, Raising Families, p.15