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One summer day in 1937 John Griffith, controller of a railroad drawbridge across the Mississippi, took Greg, his eight-year-old son with him to work

October 3, 2009

One summer day in 1937 John Griffith, controller of a railroad drawbridge across the Mississippi, took Greg, his eight-year-old son with him to work. About noon, John raised the bridge to let some ships pass while he and Greg ate their lunch on the observation deck. At 1.07 p.m. John heard the distant whistle of the Memphis Express. He had just reached for the master lever to lower the bridge for the train, when he looked around for his son Greg. What he saw made his heart freeze. Greg had left the observation tower, slipped and fallen into the massive gears that operated the bridge. His left leg was caught in the cogs of the two main gears.

With the Memphis Express steaming closer, fear and anxiety gripped John as his mind searched for options, but there were only two. He must either sacrifice his son and spare the passengers on the Memphis Express, or sacrifice them to spare his son.

Burying his face in his left arm, John, with an anguished cry, pulled the master switch with his right hand to lower the bridge into place.

Lord knows what anguish John Griffith had to go through, whichever decision he made. But I know this: God values us enough to sacrifice his Son that we too might live.

‘For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

Ian Sweeny,

Jesus – figure of controversy

September 1, 2009

Jesus of Nazareth is a controversial as well as an attractive figure. But the controversy that surrounds him is not like the controversy that surrounds other famous men and women. In the latter case, the controversy rages over the content and relevence of their teaching. So today, the debate over darwin in modern biology concerns whether or not the neo-Darwinian paradigm…is sufficient to explain the origin and behaviour of all living organisms. Gandhi is still a figure of controversy in India today: Brahmins and Dalits argue over whether Gandhi himself sanctioned the caste system, and political activists disagree as to how far his principles of non-violent resistance are applicable under regimes more brutal and repressive than the British Raj…

Not so with Jesus. The controversy that he attracts has relatively little to do with his moral teaching…

The controversy over Jesus concerns who he is. For the historic Christian claim regarding Jesus of Nazareth is that no human category…can do adequate justice to the evidence of his words and actions. No category short of deity itself is sufficient.

Vinoth Ramachandra, Revovery of Mission, p.181

Jesus the ‘Son of God’ means his deity

September 1, 2009

As any merely human son is like his father in his essential nature, that is, possessed of humanity, so Christ, the Son of God, was like His Father in His essential nature, that is, possessed of deity.

Loraine Boettner, Studies in Theology, p.153