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Liberal Dogmatism

October 3, 2008

“Teachings,” it is said, “are unimportant; the exposition of the teachings of liberalism and the teachings of Christianity, therefore, can arouse no interest at the present day; creeds are merely the changing expression of a unitary Christian experience, and provided only they express that experience they are all equally good. The teachings of liberalism, therefore, might be as far removed as possible from the teachings of historic Christianity, and yet the two might be at bottom the same.”

…Such is the way in which expression is often given to the modern hostility to “doctrine.” But is it really doctrine as such that is objected to, and not rather one particular doctrine in the interests of another? Undoubtedly, in many forms of liberalism it is the latter alternative which fits the case. There are doctrines of modern liberalism, just as tenaciously and intolerantly upheld as any doctrines that find a place in the historic creeds. Such for example are the liberal doctrines of the universal fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of man. These doctrines are, as we shall see, contrary to the doctrines of the Christian religion. But doctrines they are all the same, and as such they require intellectual defense. In seeming to object to all theology, the liberal preacher is often merely objecting to one system of theology in the interests of another. And the desired immunity from theological controversy has not yet been attained.

Christian and Liberalism
By J. Gresham Machen
Chapter 1

And so today, those who would throw off the binding shackles of conformity to the doctrines of Scripture must take upon themselves another yoke in the name of ‘freedom’ of thought. They will claim their beliefs are self-evident, tolerant, fair-minded etc.

But it is only in obedience to the Son, through the knowledge of Him that we will experience the truth that sets free. And it is only the true, self-revealing Jesus that sets free. Not the ‘Jesus’ we have made in our own image.