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October 13, 2008

Perfectionism was not the only error held to by the great John Wesley. John Cennick (one of the early Methodists with Whitefield and Wesley) bears witness that:

Mr Wesley and I disputed often, and chiefly it was because he said if we have no other righteousness than the righteousness imputed to us, we can’t be saved. Also that a soul justified by the blood of Christ, and having the assurance of forgiveness and the witness of God’s Spirit bearing witness with his spirit that he is a child of God, can finally and eternally perish. Also that a man can become so perfect in this world that he shall not only not commit sin, but he shall be without sin and be inherently as holy as God

Even great men, greatly used by the Lord, can hold to abberrant theology. This does not mean we should be indifferent to true doctrine, but to remember that we ourselves are mortal, sinful and that we are saved by grace, not by a perfect knowledge of the biblical system of theology.