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Beza introduced readings into the textus receptus without manuscript evidence

September 27, 2011

While following Stephanus’s editions closely, Beza did introduce changes based upon his own textual expertise. Some of these were “conjectural emendations,” that is, changes made to the text without any manuscript evidence. A few of these made it into the KJV, the most famous being in Revelation 16:5, “O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be”  rather than the actual reading, “who art and who wast, O Holy One.”

Two decades after the publication of the KJV, brothers Bonaventure and Matthew Elzevir, and later their nephew Abraham, produced their second edition of the Greek New Testament. In the preface is the claim that this text was the “text…now received by all,” which in Latin is “textum…ab omnibus receptum,” from which textus receptus, the “received text.” This 1633 edition mainly followed Beza but also drew from other sources. Even the standard Textus Receptus (printed by the Trinitarian Bible Society) used today by nearly all KJV Only advocates is not identical to Erasmus, Stephanus, or Beza but is instead an “eclectic” text that draws from various sources.

The King James Only Controversy, James R. White, Bethany, 2009 2nd ed., pp.105-106

This fact alone destroys the foundations of the KJV Only movement. Beza introduced a reading he thought should have been there in the MSS tradition, not what was actually there!