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Communism – utopian ideals

August 4, 2009

Lenin said there were two phases, the first, transitional, was represented by the principle, ‘Equal work, equal pay.’ The second by, ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.’ the first he called Socialism; the second, Communism.

NB, the second phase is how a family works. But it is not realistic that a whole society will operate like this given human nature corrupted by sin.

Communist Morality

July 5, 2009

In what sense do we reject ethics, reject morality’? In the sense given to it by the bourgeoisie, who based ethics on God’s commandments. On this point we, of course, say that we do not believe in God, and that we know perfectly well that the clergy, the landowners and the bourgeoisie invoked the name of God so as to further their own interests as exploiters. Or, instead of basing ethics on the commandments of morality, on the commandments of God. they based it on idealist and semi-idealist phrases, which always amounted to something very similar to God’s commandments. We reject any morality based on extra-human and extra-class concepts. We say that this is deception, dupery, stultification of the workers and peasants in the interests of the landowners and capitalists. We say that our morality is entirely subordinated to the interests of the proletariat’s class struggle. Our morality stems from the interests of the class struggle of the proletariat…

to us there is no such thing as a morality that stands outside human society; that is a fraud. To us morality is subordinated to the interests of the proletariat’s class struggle…

The class struggle is continuing and it is our task to subordinate all interests to that struggle. Our communist morality is also subordinated to that task. We say: morality is what serves to destroy the old exploiting society and to unite all the working people around the proletariat, which is building up a new, a communist society…

We do not believe in an eternal morality. and we expose the falseness of all the fables about morality. Morality serves the purpose of helping human society rise to a higher level and rid itself of the exploitation of labour.


V. L Lenin

That is, ‘morality’ is what serves the goal of producing a classless society. All means justify this end.