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Miracles not violations but restorations of order

September 9, 2009

Those who advocate the Christian doctrine of miracles, then, are not champions of chaos in an ordered world. Rather they are zealous for law and order of a higher type,—that of the spiritual realm, which they hold has been thrown into chaos by man’s choice of evil. They point out that sin, disease, sorrow and death are unnatural and abnormal in an ideal world, and that the great majority of the Scripture miracles had as one of their purposes the restoration of order in those regards. In the highest sense they were not violations but restorations of order.

Loraine Boetnner, Studies in Theology, 1947, p.63

Atonement – Limited in application or power?

July 25, 2009

Calvinists limit its extent in that they say it is not applied to all persons. Arminians limit its power or inherent value for they say that in itself it does not save anybody…it must be supplemented by faith and evangelical obedience…Calvinists limit the atonement quantitively, but not qualitatively ; Arminians limit it qualitatively, but not quantitatively.

Lorraine Boettner, Studies in Theology, p.324