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those two men would bring “a message from Magano, the God you seek. Wait for them

June 16, 2011

In the African Country mentioned, there lived a large tribe (in the millions) called the “Gedeos”. In the early 1900′s, these people still had never been reached by the Gospel of Christ. However, they did have an ancient legend that ‘foreigners’ would end up bringing them a message from a certain god called “Magano“. In the meantime, though, they worshiped and sacrificed to an evil god, Sheit’an. They didn’t want to devote themselves to this god, but they wanted to appease him. Since they couldn’t ask Magano’s help, they kept on sacrificing.

As it turned out, this god, “Magano” was actually believed to be the “omnipotent, benevolent Creator [of everything].” A Gedeo man (of some high standing) named ‘Warrasa Wange‘ prayed that Magano would reveal himself to the Gedeo people. Soon thereafter, he had a vision.

In this vision, he saw “two white-skinned strangers” putting up weak, temporary shelters under a sycamore tree in the town of Dilla. He then heard a voice saying that those two men would bring “a message from Magano, the God you seek. Wait for them.” (Side note: In that same vision, he saw temporary shelters as well as numerous sturdy shelters, none of which he had seen before.)

In 1940, Gedeo ‘prophets’ foretold that foreigners would soon arrive with a message from the God, Magano.

Finally, in December 1948, missionaries Albert Brant and Glen Cain rose over the Ethiopian horizon with the intent on bringing the Gospel to the Gedeo People. Because of the political issues, they were advised to setup a mission in the village of Dilla (since others thought it too remote to reach the people).

“With a sigh, he turned the old International toward Dilla. Glen Cain wiped sweat from his brow. ‘This is a hot one, Albert,’ he said. ‘I hope we can find a shady spot for our tents!’.

‘Look at that old sycamore tree!’ Albert responded. ‘Just what the doctor ordered!’

In the distance, Warrasa Wange heard a sound. He had turned just in time to see Brant’s old truck pull to a stop under the sycamore’s spreading branches. Slowly Warassa headed toward the truck, wondering…Three decades later Warrasa (now a radiant believer in Jesus Christ, Son of Magano), together with Albert Brant and others, have established more than 200 churches among the Gedeo people.”

In that Vision, Warrasa was taking down the pole for his dwelling place. This central support was symbolically showing that this experience would change his entire life. It did.

This story is similar to that of the Kareni people to whom Judson went. God had elect many of them to salvation. He had prepared their hearts. But they still needed the gospel to be saved.