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Our need for faith in the Atonement – Spurgeon

October 16, 2008

First, no man has any part in Christ who does not receive the first all essential washing in the precious blood, by which all sin is once and for ever put away. The moment a sinner believes in Jesus Christ, his iniquities are seen as laid on Christ the Substitute, and the believer himself is free from sin. Though he may have been heretofore black as an Ethiopian, yet is he washed in the fountain filled from the Redeemer’s veins, and he stands before God without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing. There is such a blessed fact as the instantaneous reception of a perfect pardon through faith in Jesus Christ, and this happens the moment a sinner truly looks to the great atoning sacrifice. If thou reliest on the Substitute, and the matchless expiation which he made for human guilt, thy sins, which are many, are all forgiven thee. If he wash thee not, thou hast no¬† part in him; but if his blood atones for thee, he is thine. If thou receive not his perfect, unrivalled, Godlike bloodwashing, thou art no Christian. Whatever be thy profession, whatever thy supposed experience, whatever thy reformation, whatever thou mayst have attempted or accomplished, if thou hast never come as a guilty one, and seen thy sin laid upon the bleeding Son of God, thou art in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniquity thou hast either part nor lot in this matter. Without faith in the atonement thou canst have no part in Christ.