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Emergent Church, Deconstructionism and Orthodoxy

February 6, 2009

Peter Rollins:

“Here I picture the emerging community as a significant part of a wider religious movement which rejects both absolutism and relativism as idolatrous positions which hide their human origins in the modern myth of pure reason. Instead of following the Greek-influenced idea of orthodoxy as right belief,…the emerging community is helping us to rediscover the more Hebraic and mystical notion of the orthodox Christian as one who believes in the right way—that is, believing in a loving, sacrificial and Christlike manner. The reversal from ‘right belief’ to ‘believing in the right way’ is in no way a move to some binary opposite of the first (for the opposite of right belief is simply wrong belief); rather, it is a way of transcending the binary altogether. Thus orthodoxy is not longer (mis)understood as opposite of heresy but rather is understood as a term that signals a way of being in the world rather than a means of believing things about the world.

Does Rollins see that a rejection of both ‘absolutism’ and ‘relativism’ is to itself an absolute position? Does he not see that each sentence in this quote stands entirely on the presupposition that its binary opposite is false? And that by that presupposition he embraces binary opposites? And therefore isn’t his positon self-refuting? Does he not see that Scripture gives absolutes not based on pure (human) reason but founded in the self-disclosure of God Himself? Can anyone really familiar with the Hebrew Scriptures accept this caricature of them as not containing propositional truth but only being about believing in the right way?