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Are you the person you were seven years ago?

January 3, 2010

Human beings lose one-sixtieth of an ounce of respiratory moisture and sweat every minute. There is a net loss every second. This means humans physically change every moment, hence under a physical-only worldview, I am not the same person I was a second ago. The skin replaces itself once a month. The stomach lining is replaced every five days. The cells in the liver are replaced every six weeks, and the skeleton about every three months…The cells of a human body are in a constant state of flux, and are always being modified. In one year, the average person has ninety-eight percent of his atoms exchanged for new ones. In seven years’ time, every atom in a person’s body has been replaced by new ones. Thus the person is a new and completely different being within the worldview of the materialist atheist.

Question for the atheist: Are you the person you were seven years ago?

Michael A. Robinson, God Does Exist!, Author House 2006, pp.58-9