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True preaching is salting

September 19, 2009

Some will say a man might preach long enough without persecution, yea, and get favour too, if he would not meddle with the pope, bishops, prelates, and holy ghostly people that live in contemplation and solitariness, nor with great men of the world. I answer, true preaching is salting ; and all that is corrupt must be salted : and those persons are of all other most corrupt, and therefore may not be left untouched. The pope’s pardons must be rebuked ; the abuse of the mass, of the sacraments, and of all the ceremonies must be rebuked and salted. And selling of merits, and of prayers, must be salted. The abuse of fasting and of pilgrimage must be salted. All idolatry and false faith must be rebuked. And those friars that teach men to believe in St Francis’ coat, how that they shall never come in hell or purgatory, if they be buried therein, may not be passed over with silence.

William Tyndale, in David Daniell, 1994, p.221 – online