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Fraudulent basis of the papacy

September 12, 2009

The ‘Donation of Constantine’, purporting to date from the fourth century but now known to be an eighth-century forgery, claimed that Constantine I ordered all clergy to be subject to Pope Sylvester and his successors. It also gave him the city of Rome and all western parts of the empire…about 847 came the ‘Pseudo-Isidorean Decretals’ – another forgery. These documents…conferred on the Bishop of Rome supreme jurisdiction over all the churches of Christendom. They proclaimed the supremacy of the pope over the whole world including those areas still undiscovered or unevangelised. In an uncritical, largely illiterate age, these documents passed as genuine and only the Renaissance and the Reformation showed them to be false.

Douglas C. Wood, The Evangelical Doctor, EP, pp.3-4