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Organised religion is the world’s greatest fount of obscurantism

November 23, 2014

Organised religion is the world’s greatest fount of obscurantism, prejudice, superstition and oppression. It has caused misery to billions of people for millennia, and continues to do so in many countries…Nowadays, I am a human rights activist motivated by love and compassion for other people.

Peter Tatchell, My journey from Christianity to Humanism

Obscurantism: no great discoveries have been made by Christians?

Prejudice: No great campaigns were made to liberate downtrodden races by Christians?

Superstition: Christianity did not pave the wave for science and modernity?

Oppression: No one has been liberated by the gospel?

Misery: No joy has every come to the benighted souls who embrace Christ?

And those motivated by ‘organised religion’ lack the (self-proclaimed) motivations of ‘love and compassion’ that drive Tatchell?