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Satan appears as an angel of light

April 7, 2013

Among the people of Soham who made tearful appeals on television to the abductor to return the children to their homes was the man who killed them, Ian Huntley. He emerged as an activist in the search, helping to arrange the police press conferences in Soham and even consoling the father of one of the girls. The window of his house displayed a banner asking the abductor for the safe return of the girls.

Theodore Dalrymple

Satan… can do nothing without the command of God, to whose dominion he is subject

October 4, 2009

Satan… can do nothing without the command of God, to whose dominion he is subject.


And this vileness that at present does so much swallow up our youth…

October 4, 2009

I have often marvelled at our youth, and said in my heart, What should be the reason that they should be so generally debauched as they are at this day? For they are now amazingly profane; and sometimes I have thought one thing and sometimes another; that is, why God should suffer it so to be. At last I have thought this: How if the God whose ways are past finding out should suffer it so to be now that he might make of some of them the more glorious saints hereafter? I know sin is of the devil, but it cannot work in the world without permission… it would not be the first time God has caught Satan in his own design. For my part, I believe that the time is at hand that we shall see better saints… than we have seen in many a day. And this vileness that at present does so much swallow up our youth is one cause of my thinking so; for out of them… when God puts forth his hand, as of old, you shall see what penitent ones, what trembling ones, and what admirers of grace, will be found to profess the gospel, to the glory of God by Christ.

John Bunyan, writing in the 17th century.

Satan dreads nothing but prayer

September 18, 2009

Satan dreads nothing but prayer – his one concern is to keep saints from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks our wisdom, but trembles when we pray.

Samuel Chadwick

Satan blinds the unbelieving

November 10, 2008

All His ATTRIBUTES are against you (the unconverted). His JUSTICE is like a flaming sword unsheathed against you. “As surely as I live, when I sharpen My flashing sword and begin to carry out justice, I will bring vengeance on My enemies and repay those who hate Me!” (Deut 32:41-42). So exact is justice that it will by no means clear the guilty. God will not discharge you, He will not hold you guiltless-but will require the whole debt in person from you, unless you can make a Scripture claim to Christ and His satisfaction. When the enlightened sinner looks on justice, and sees the balance in which he must be weighed and the sword by which he must be executed, he feels an earthquake in his bosom; but Satan keeps this out of sight and persuades the soul, while he can, that the Lord is all made up of mercy, and so lulls it asleep in sin. Divine justice is exact; it must have satisfaction to the utmost farthing. It denounces ‘indignation and wrath, tribulation and anguish to every soul that does evil’ (Rom 2:8-9). It ‘curses every one that continues not in all things written in the book of the law to do them’ (Gal 3:10).

Alarm to the Unconverted
Joseph Alleine, 1671

How Satan tricks us into slavery

October 3, 2008

(the corn is ‘trifling’ sin).

In an essay entitled, “Whose Bread I Eat–His Song I Sing”, written by J.G. McDaniel, he describes a barbecue his father took him to when he was a child. The barbecue was held on a river bank in Georgia and was the occasion of an address given by Congressman Stephen Pace. Mr. Pace’s task that day was to explain why he opposed a federal spending bill that would subsidize farmers. Given the rural nature of his district, many farmers were in attendance. Congressman Pace told a story about wild hogs that had once lived along the river.

No one was sure where the hogs came from nor how they were able to survive the floods, fires, freezes and droughts which occurred in the area. Of course there was the occasion when one of the hogs would be killed by a pack of dogs or by a hunter, but that was not the norm.

One day a man stopped at the local store to find out where the hogs lived. After obtaining the desired information, the man went on his way. The store owner had forgotten about the man until he showed up a few months later in search of assistance to help bring the hogs to market as he had penned them all up. The news created a stir in the town and, of course, the townspeople had to see the hogs in the pen for themselves. Upon viewing the sight, they were all amazed and wondered how this man had been able to achieve this incredible feat.

The man said, “It was all very simple. First I put out some corn. For three weeks they would not eat it. Then some of the young ones grabbed an ear and ran off into the thicket. Soon they were all eating it; then I commenced building a pen around the corn, a little higher each day. When I noticed that they were all waiting for me to bring the corn and had stopped grubbing for acorns and roots, I built a trap door. Naturally, they raised quite a ruckus when they seen they was trapped, but I can pen any animal on the face of the earth if I can just get him to depend on me for a free handout.”