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The original text, not an English translation, is the authority

November 24, 2012

The NIV provides a very felicitous translation in terms of its public reading, but we do need to recognise that it has introduced certain verbs into verse 3. ‘Produced’, ‘prompted’ and ‘inspired’ are not there in the original…

…For reasons best known to themselves, the NIV translators have omitted the very significant link-word, kathos – ‘just as’, ‘even as’ – which makes the link back with what (Paul) has just said…

…Now again, the NIV omits a rather important link-word at the beginning of verse 8, the word ‘for’. ‘For the Lord’s message rang out from you’, which shows us that verse 8 is the evidence for verse 7.

David Jackman, The Authentic Church, Christian Focus, 1998, p.32, 38-39, 41

(commenting on 1 Thessalonians 1:3, 5, 8)

It also highlights the need to avoid consulting and using only one English translation in sermon and study preparation.