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Hardy achieved all his aims but doubted they had purpose

August 9, 2014

When, at the end of his life, Thomas Hardy was questioned on the realization of his ambitions, he said, “he had done all that he meant to do, but he did not know if it had been worth doing.”


Iain Murray, The Undercover Revolution, p.45

There never was an eminent, who was not an industrious man

May 19, 2011

There never was an eminent, who was not an industrious man. You must be diligent in your business, if you hope to stand in any desirable circumstance before that Great King, unto whose service you are dedicated.

Cotton Mather

Fame and Success aren’t enough

August 5, 2009

When you have had all the experiences, met all the famous people,
made some money, toured the world and got all the acclaim you still
think -is that it? Some might be satisfied–but I wasn’t.

George Harrison on why he got into yoga and meditation with Maharish Mahesh Yogi