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A curiously inconsistent vegetarian

November 14, 2009

(In this interview transcript, John Pilger (JP) interviewed former Tory Defence Minister Alan Clark (AC) regarding UK arms sales to Indonesia used to kill East Timorese)

JP: Did it bother you personally when you were the minister
responsible [and] that British equipment was causing such
suffering, albeit to a set of foreigners?

AC: No, not in the slightest. It never entered my head.

JP: You don’t lose sleep over it?

AC: No.

JP: I ask the question because I read that you were a
vegetarian and you are seriously concerned about the way
animals are killed.

AC: Yeah.

JP: Doesn’t that concern extend to the way humans, albeit
foreigners, are killed?

AC: Curiously not.

Death of a Nation, a film by John Pilger and David Munro for
Central Television, IT, 1994