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How to get the girls and make a fortune…

September 11, 2009

The longest serving Mormon prophet, Brigham Young, died on 29th August 1877, leaving…seventeen wives, 56 children and a personal fortune of nearly $2 million.

Mike and Ann Thomas, Mormonism, Alpha, p.48

Do as I say, not as I do

August 29, 2009

In The Saint’s Herald (22 January 1935, page 110) Joseph Smith’s son tells how his father had a new home built for his family in 1842. The main room contained a bar, with counter, shelves, bottles, glasses, and other paraphernalia customary for a FULLY -EQUIPPED TAVERN BAR, and Porter Rockwell in charge as tender. When challenged by his wife over such impropriety he reminded her that all taverns had their bars at which liquor was sold or dispensed.

She then said the bar had to go or she and the kids. Joseph had the bar removed.

As Mayor of Nauvoo he passed an ordinance

Joseph Smith, authorizing himself to sell liquor:

“Ordinance on the Personal Sale of Liquors. Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of Nauvoo, that the Mayor of the city be and is hereby authorized to sell or give spirits of any quantity as he in his wisdom shall judge to be for the health and comfort, or convenience of such travelers or other persons as shall visit his house from time to time.Passed December 12, 1843.JOSEPH SMITH, Mayor. WILLARD RICHARDS, Recorder.” (History of the Church, Vol. 6, p. 111)

On polygamy – by the time the ‘revelation’ on polygamy had been given allowing the practice in 1843, Jospeh Smith had already taken 27 other wives.

Today, Mormons are expected to abstain from all alcoholic beverages (see Doctrine and Covenants: Section 89).

Mormonism, A Gold-Plated Religion, Mike and Ann Thomas, Alpha, pp.87-88