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Perhaps God isn’t perfect

December 18, 2010

People often say, “If there’s a God, why does he let bad things happen?” We expect God to be perfect, but if we’re made in God’s image, then perhaps God isn’t perfect. And that’s OK. But I also believe that partly we are God. We are part of God and God is something that’s in us and all around us.

Sinead O’Connor

Or perhaps you’ve made a god in your own image Ms. O’ Connor?

New Age in a nutshell

September 8, 2009

If the transcendent God is the prime reality in theism and the physical universe the prime reality in naturalism, then in the New Age the self (the soul, the integrated central essence of each person) is the prime reality.

James Sire, Universe Next Door, p.168

The New Age blasphemy

September 8, 2009

If I created my own reality, then — on some level and dimension I didn’t understand — I had created everything I saw, heard, touched, smelled, tasted; everything I loved, hated, revered, abhorred…‘If I was therefore responsible for all there was in my reality; if that was true, then I was everything, as the ancient texts had taught. I was my own universe. Did that also mean I had created God and I had created life and death?’

To take responsibility for one’s power would be the ultimate expression of what we called the Godforce. Was this what was meant by the statement I AM THAT I AM? ( Shirley MacLaine)

James Sire, The Universe Next Door, p.170

The New Age – The Old Lie

September 8, 2009

When the self perceives itself to be at one with the cosmos, it is at one with it.  Self-realization, then, is the realization that the self and the cosmos are not only of a piece but are the same piece…

Central to cosmic consciousness is the unitary experience: first, the experience of perceiving the wholeness of the cosmos; second, the experience of becoming one with the whole cosmos; and finally, the experience of going beyond even that oneness with the cosmos to recognize that the self is the generator of all reality.
“Know that you are God; know that you are the universe.” MacLaine

James Sire, Universe Next Door, p.178

For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. Gen.3.5

The New Age is a perfect product of its time

September 8, 2009

…the New Age is a perfect product of its time: an exemplification of modernity rather than a rejection of it. It is the acme of consumerism. It is individualism raised to a new plane. The eclecticism of the New Age is not just a matter of being tolerant…not only that we can all discern truth, but that what we all variously discern is true. The individual consumer is not only the final arbiter of what he or she wants to believe and practise but also the final arbiter of truth and falsity. It is individualism taken to the level of epistemology, so that in place of the sectarian arguments over which revelation best embodied the one truth, there is complete relativism.

Bruce, Religion in the Modern World pp.221-222, in Harold Netland, Encountering Religious Pluralism, 2001, p.155

Man will never be God but God became a man

September 8, 2009

That the human race is or should be akin to God is ancient paganism; but that an individual man is God is Christianity.

Kierkegaard’s critique of Hegel in Vinoth Ramachandra, Recovery of Mission, p.85

Self Worship of the New Age

August 24, 2009

(the idea that we are our own god is)

The giant truth that one individual is his or her own best teacher, and that no other idol or false image should be worshipped or adored because the God we are all seeking lies inside one’s self, not outside.

Shirley MacLaine, IT’S ALL IN THE PLAYING, Bantam, NY, 1987, p.172.

In the miniseries Out on a Limb MacLaine portrayed herself on a beach
screaming “I am God!” over and over.

If she is God then she is accountable to no one but herself. If so, there is no accountability but the likelihood of eternal self-justifications for any and all of our actions.