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Mary a co-redeemer (according to Rome)

May 11, 2010

Leo XIII: “When Mary offered herself completely to God together with her Son in the temple, she was already sharing with him the painful atonement on behalf of the human race … (at the foot of the cross) shew as (she was) a co-worker with Christ in His expiation for mankind and she offered up her Son to the divine justice dying with him in her heart.”

Pius XI: “Mary, by giving us Christ the Redeemer, and by rearing him, and by offering him at the foot of the cross as Victim for our sins, by such intimate association with Christ, and by her own most singular grace, became and is affectionately known as Reparatrix.”

Benedict XV: “Thus she [Mary] suffered and all but died along with her Son suffering and dying—thus for the salvation of men she abdicated the rights of a mother toward her son, and insofar as it was hers to do, she immolated the Son to placate God’s justice, so that she herself may justly be said to have redeemed together with Christ the human race.”

Pius IX: “With her Son, the Only-begotten, she is the most powerful Mediatrix and Conciliatrix of the whole world.”

William Webster: “According to papal authority Mary co-operates with Christ in redemption by personal merit, satisfaction, sacrifice and in offering a personal ransom price and she is now the one authorized to dispense the grace of salvation to men” (The Church of Rome at the Bar of History, pp. 86-87).